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Is Quora good for your company marketing?

Yes and no.

Yes because:

  • In Quora, people ask questions and they expect those questions to be answered. People are not asking to be served adverts. What they are asking are answers to problems or questions that they have. So the best way Quora helps you in your marketing is when you choose to be of genuine help to the person who raised the question. Isn’t that what marketing is all about? Solving people’s problems when they need them solved? It may happen that he or she may not be your customer yet. But what you may have is a highly engaged prospect who will quickly fall through the funnel if you are genuine and authentic. 
  • Also Quora is the place where analyzing the answers to questions that related to your business can help you gain insight into what is going on inside potential prospects’ head. By being active on Quora during and before you start developing your product, you can potentially find out if your customers are discussing problems that you haven’t realized yet. Imagine how explosive that could be. Ins’t that what co-creation of products all about?
  • In marketing, it is important to know who you are marketing to and what defines them. In short, you need to know your buyer persona. Quora is probably the best place to research a buyer persona (before you have real customers, of course) that is best matched to your product’s target customer.
  • From search engine marketing perspective, it certainly helps when you leave links to your blog or content that helps answer the questions. You get genuine back links that come from authentic source. Helps in your ranking and PPC as well.

No if,

  • You intend to make Quora your primary source of leads.
  • You want to solicit customers through veiled adverts.
  • You want to use Quora as a platform to distribute your content to generate more “views” or visitors.
  • You are the only person on the marketing team. You would be better off with other marketing mediums to start with.
  • You do not have content team or a community manager who can genuinely look into Quora as a consumer research and nurturing platform.

Quora is a very powerful marketing tool. Only if you know the kind of company marketing it is powerful for!

Is Quora good for your company marketing?
Is Quora good for your company marketing?

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