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the best company marketing strategy that you have ever heard of

I would say that Affiliate Marketing strategies really work. You can create free traffic sources to drive to affiliate products and service that you already know/like/trust.

How To Become An Affiliate Marketer

It has never been a better time to become an affiliate marketer. A simple set of steps can help you immediately start your business today!

Step 1: Find products/services that you know, like and/or trust

The best place to start is look at the products you currently use, the types of services that you like and basically the company’s that you already know and trust. You want to promote things that you believe in.

You have all types of these companies around you right now. Look at what you buy and use for different ideas. Any product or service works!

The main thing to remember is that you have to be authentic. If you are being fake, don’t actually believe in the product or otherwise are untruthful, it will only drive the customer away. As humans, we can sense on a deep level if someone is trying to sell something to you. When you don’t even know the product you cannot credibly promote it.

Pro Tip: Digital products commonly have affiliate commissions of 50% of higher. This is due to the reduced cost to replicate the product.

Remember you are only promoting a product/service that you truly believe in it. That is the first requirement before you personally recommend it to your audience.

How do you pick the right product to promote?

  1. We promote products from people that we know/like/trust.
  2. We also only promote products/software/tools that we actually use or have got some kind of great value from.

Step 1 Homework: Come up with a list of products and services that you use and like.

A simple google search for affiliate programs will show all types of options for you. I keep hearing about Keto and low carb diets. Let me take a simple Google search for Keto Affiliate programs:

(I haven’t used any of those programs in the photo, I am just using this as an example)

Step 2: Find the affiliate link to promote from the product and/or services

When you are creating your content you want to connect the review, testimonial or walkthrough, you use an affiliate link that connects the customer to the product you promote, so that they can purchase the item.

I’m going to use Amazon, as an example of an affiliate program. The actual name of the program is called Amazon Associates and you can sign up for free to promote your own affiliate links.

Step 2 Homework: Find an affiliate link for one of the products you use.

Here’s a quick tip if you don’t know how to spot affiliate links. You can recognize affiliate links by the long tail “/ref” at the end of the website address URL.

(This is how you know it’s an affiliate link)

Amazon even lets you shorten the full link, so that it’s easier to use.

Remember that if anyone follows this link to the product, Amazon will give you a commission on the sale.

Step 3: How To Provide Your Audience with Value

Imagine you are buying a new grill for that Keto diet you follow. You want to start grilling to add a new flavor to your foods. You can certainly just write up a short review of the grill and put your affiliate link in the content.

BUT…. Ask yourself what would make you want to buy that grill more:

  1. A blog review of the grill, or
  2. A live presentation of the grill???

Spoiler alert: NUMBER 2 IS THE ANSWER!

The live presentation works so much better than a static blog post. Seeing someone use the grill and having genuine enthusiasm shows how you can use the features of the grill in the best possible way.

Webinars are great way to show a live presentation, but they require a bit of structure to set up. Instead of having to set up a whole webinar you can easily use your phone to show your audience the product you are promoting.

The Trick Is You AREN’T Doing A Hard Sell.

Consider and come up with common questions to answer regarding the product. Then answer these questions.

Use this simple outline to come up with an outline:

  1. List the product features
  2. List the benefits and drawbacks (cost, time, etc.)
  3. List any case studies of the products and review their opinions
  4. Write down your personal history with the product.

Step 3 Homework: Use all of this information to come up with a basic outline, it doesn’t have to be a complete script, but rather the point is to think about the product. This give you the information you can convey to your customer.

You want your audience excited about all the product features. This excitement is actually the soft sell and it occurs naturally if people spend the time to hear you talk about the product. You don’t have to force anything, it’s easy to sell when you actually like the product.

Step 4: Create Traffic For FREE with social media

Most people have social media. It doesn’t really matter what platform you use (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), but he important thing is that the platform is free.

Step 4 Homework: Create a video on your phone.

  1. Use all the earlier steps to come up with your outline.
  2. Speak from the heart.
  3. Perfection is not real, the most important thing for you is to get it DONE.
  4. Post the video on your social media outlets and put the affiliate link into the description.

Step 5: Bonuses

How can you provide value to the product or service. How can you fill a gap that the product needs? How can you provide something that helps the customer who buys this product.

For a perfect Bonus example let’s use the Keto meal plan affiliate program.

  1. How could you help fill holes with the product?
  2. Does the plan include a grocery list of keto friendly foods,
  3. Can you show exercises that will help someone lose weight,
  4. Can you provide a step by step plan for better sleep at night, so you don’t eat late at night?

You are looking to provide value above all else to the customer. Anything that you can provide to compliment the program and provide even more value.

A real simple way to provide this value to a person is by creating an infographic with Canva online. It is a completely free design website with templates and free image search.

The easiest way to provide this bonus to your customer is to add something like this text into the video or post: “For a special bonus, that you can only get from me, email me a copy of the product receipt and I’ll send you the exclusive bonus”

Step 5 Homework: Create a piece of value to give to your customers and update the description of the FREE social media traffic driving post.


You are an affiliate marketer the moment you start. SO START RIGHT NOW! Go out and create value for free, put the affiliate link in their, combine with a bonus and build your new business today! Good luck and much success

the best company marketing strategy that you have ever heard of
the best company marketing strategy that you have ever heard of

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